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“Delegating as much as possible to Frax results in two positive outcomes. First, it permits me to devote 85% of my time to driving my top line – that is, marketing and networking. Second, it significantly reduces my controllable overhead and labor. I essentially broke even at just over 100 billable hours, all the while projecting the professionalism of having a fully staffed office.”

- Business Owner, New Jersey

“As a single business owner, I knew from the outset that I needed help! I signed on with Frax before I even opened the doors of my ComForcare business. I can honestly say one year later that the support Bruce and his awesome consultants at Frax have provided has helped make my business grow and be a success this year. Though I now have a part-time office assistant, I continue to use Frax for both my front office and back office operations. Knowing that a live person will answer my phone allows me and my assistant to be in the field when needed which helps us be more effective. Not having to worry about payroll and billing frees me up to sleep peacefully at night! I appreciate Bruce’s desire to grow, innovate, and implement great services to help make our ComForcare businesses successful.”

- Business Owner, Missouri

“Thanks for all you do! Please let the team know that TWO of the Service Magic leads you took on for us converted within 2 hours yesterday! You were VITAL to that success. I can’t say enough how impressed I am already. I know the work I do on an intake, and how I scored on my Mystery Shop calls. Hearing for myself how thorough you all are only emphasizes to me how much of a good decision this was to turn our Front Office over to you.”

- Business Owner, Oregon

“Frax is a service provider with extensive experience as a successful ComForcare franchise. How they handle my back office operations has been stellar. The folks at Frax are extremely responsive, and activities are handled in a timely manner. They conduct extensive cross-referencing to ensure processes are error free. One of the benefits of using Frax is a faster ramp-up because they take the time to explain and educate. Most importantly, Frax has freed up my time to focus on marketing and client retention. I would recommend that all new franchisees consider this route.”

- Business Owner, New Jersey

“Just a quick note to say that so far things are GREAT with the service your people are providing!!”

- Business Owner, Oregon

“I don’t have an administrator, but I recently secured 3 of 6 Sofa Visits, from ‘low-return’ sources, because the Frax team took the initial call. All of these were scheduled while I was engaged with clients or marketing. 2 of the 3 turned into new clients. The daughter of one of these clients commented to me that she went with us because we were the first to call, sounded friendly, and had ‘oodles of info’ about our services. She complimented Jennie and ‘my team back at the office’ for always being available, and their ability to answer any question in my absence. For me, the kick-start I have received over the past few weeks wouldn’t have happened without my Frax team.”

- Business Owner, New Jersey

“Franchisors are keenly focused on guiding franchisees toward business growth and strong profitability. New business owners have many hats to wear every day of the week, so they have to be stingy with their time allocations. Helping franchise owners focus on those action items that drive revenue creates efficiencies and quicker success in a competitive market place. Outsourcing to Frax allows our franchise owners to perform the critical activities necessary for growth.

“This often relieves the owner from the pressure of being involved in the details of all aspects of the business. Less pressure equals more fun with your own business and more energy for the things you enjoy most…including business growth. Frax has been a great complement to the various disciplines and backgrounds that new owners bring to their business operations. The entire ComForcare Senior Services network benefits from its professional relationship with Frax.”

- CEO, Franchiser

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