Delegating Details Builds a Business.

Frax™ is an opportunity to focus time and effort on the most important aspects of your business.


Some tasks are important to the smooth operation of your homecare business, but they don’t necessarily grow it. There’s a Frax for that! Frax provides a 24/7 contact center and full back office support tailored specifically for senior care. We do important tasks which frees you up to do critical ones.

Frax was founded by people who owned and operated a homecare business and who have extensive experience in the service delivery and franchising industries. Cast Members at Frax are trained for business, making them ideal representatives for your business.

Magic Moments

Performers at Frax deliver bookkeeping, payroll and contact center services. Although we provide specialization and customization, these are functions that our Business Owners could potentially get elsewhere, or do themselves.

Therefore, if we are to obtain and retain Business Owners, we must amaze and delight them every day. The role of our Performers is to put on a show that is magical. Daily contact with our Business Owners must be interactions that amaze and delight – known as Magic Moments – each contributing to satisfaction and loyalty.

These Magic Moments are not left to chance. They are quite intentional – sometimes even scripted – and when performed well, we have put on a Good Show. Conversely, a poor performance results in a bad show. And Business Owners will not stay for a bad show.

A Good Show

Why put on a show at all? We now operate in a competitive environment that has progressed beyond a service economy, to an experience economy. Good service is expected but not always easy to produce. Good service consists of giving customers what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. But in an experience economy, good service is no longer enough. Frax should also consider how our Business Owners feel about their experience with us – how they feel about our show. Frax does this by presenting itself and our products in a manner that amazes and delights – in other words, performance that results in a Good Show.

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