How Frax Helps Business Owners

Frax™ is an opportunity to focus your time and effort on the most important aspects of your business. You can devote more attention to revenue generation because parts of your operation are delegated to an experienced team. Meanwhile, a significant portion of your overhead is controlled – Frax fees are in direct proportion to your revenue.

Frax Front Office™

Delegating Details Builds a Business. Rated intake test calls to Frax, placed and assessed by a franchisor, score more than 25 points higher than that system’s average. Should you be using Frax Front Office?

Front Office Agents at Frax answer your phones no differently than if they were in your local office. Frax screens employment inquiries, schedules appointments for orientations, and triages schedule interruptions. But most importantly, if the call is an inquiry, your services are represented with compassion and professionalism. Emphasis is placed on securing a commitment to accept an in-home consultation.

Frax can answer overlapping calls, increasing the odds that calls are answered live, and does so on a 24/7 basis with no lapses due to turnover, holidays, etc.

Otherwise, we will cheerfully forward messages because you “are not in the office at the moment.” Frax Front Office coverage is available during business hours, after-hours, or 24/7 including holidays.

Frax Back Office™

If You’re Not Networking, Your Net Is Not Working. Revenue for Frax clients exceeded that of non-Frax clients by 34%! Should you be using Frax Back Office?

Frax can be your bookkeeper, payroll processor, and so much more! We fulfill: scheduling software and QuickBooks registration of new employees and clients; state and federal new-hire reporting; payroll, including direct deposit, PTO tracking and tax filing; response to queries regarding unemployment, disability, references, workers compensation, etc.; track credentialing compliance; client and AOB billing; Medicaid and VA billing; accounts receivable; royalty reporting; accounts payable; and routine banking. Frax Back Office is available to SwyftOps and ClearCare users.

Frax First Aide™

Supplementing the features of Frax Front Office is our after-hours scheduling solution. Business Owners are understandably overjoyed to experience our capacity to relieve them of this essential but stressful coverage requirement. Frax responds to caregiver call-offs, new client staffing, and late shift alerts. Frax First Aide is available to SwyftOps and ClearCare users.

What Does Frax Not Do?

You’re the Business Owner. At a minimum you remain responsible for:


  • Rate Strategy (we may consult)
  • Billing & Pay Rate Decisions
  • Revenue Generation (advertising, networking, etc.)
  • Customer Service & Quality Control
  • Recruiting & Hiring
  • Staffing, Training & Supervising

Frax Fees

Most Frax Fees are set as a percentage of your gross revenue, therefore linked to your growth, so they decrease should your business retract. Many Business Owners choose to draw comparisons between Frax fees and the cost of on-site employees. Domestic outsourcing by definition means there are no hidden costs for recruiting, training, turnover, overtime, lapses in coverage, etc. Some samples are provided below, but we encourage you to speak with us about your specific needs.

  • A $500K agency might incur Frax Fees of $15K for a year of 24/7 Frax Front Office coverage.
  • A $1 million agency might incur Frax Fees of $22K for a year of 24/7 Frax Front Office coverage.
  • A $3 million agency might incur Frax Fees of $27K for a year of 24/7 Frax Front Office coverage.

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